Subjazz is a choreographic duo consisting of Karl-Erik Nedregaard and Knut Arild Flatner. They established the name Subjazz in 2001 but have been collaborating since 1998. Subjazz is production based and their artistic expression is mainly rooted in the boundaries between jazz and contemporary dance.

They continuously strive after new ways to express themselves through movement. With a firm and steady conviction that jazzdance is an artform they keep themselves open to any opportunity of choreographic work and emphasize the importance to be expressed in many different arenas and spaces from the scenic to the televised.


As a couple they have been together since 1993. As if fate had intended it they met at the schools and studios in Oslo which soon after came to be their stepping stones as dance artists. They are both educated at The National College of Ballet and Dance, now a part of KHiO, with further coursing in jazzdance at The Edge Performing Arts Center and Broadway Dance Center. Attending the same class, at the same school with the same main subject in jazzdance from 1993 to 1996, they early on developed a sence of collaboration and communication which in their work became quite unique.

The idea of working together instead of individually became apparent after their education. They both wanted to expand their fields to not just dancing but also be a part of the teaching and choreographic scene both nationally and internationally. Joining forces proved itself to be the best way for them to develope as artists. In this conjunction they push and trigger each other to make and develope their ideas and visions. Although challenging they find it the best and most exilorating prosess to reach the goals they have set for the future.


Subjazz divide their work between choreography and team-teach classes.

Their choreography is an expression that signifies their conjunction and reflects their artistic vision they have together both in movement, style and artistic expression.

Their classes through the team-teach collaboration reflect not only their own interpretation of what they like their jazzdance class to consist of but is also a reflection of the inspiration and knowledge they have received from their own teachers through the years.


Subjazz would like to thank all the enormously gifted teachers and choreographers they have met and worked with over the years for their endless support, belief and inspiration. Thank You!


Karl-Erik Nedregaard and Knut Arild Flatner

Postboks 9291 Grønland 0134 Oslo Norway  Phone + 47 911 04 641 E-mail