Recently Subjazz has presented their work in Norway`s So You Think You Can Dance - Season 1 and 2, Wallmanns Salonger Oslo.
They are  commissioned to choreograph for SYTYCD – Scandinavia spring 2008 and Oslo Danse Ensembles company performance autumn 2008.
They have had numerous works created for The National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo, Norway, The Ballet Academy in Stockholm, Sweden and various dance studios throughout Norway.

Subjazz is a three time reciever of project and pre-project fundings from the Norwegian Arts Council.


Subjazz has extensive teaching experience since 1998. They have worked in the most recognized dance colleges and studios in Norway, Sweden and France. The National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo, The Ballet Academy and University College of Dance in Stockholm and Studio Harmonic in Paris to name a few. They have experience from all levels of teaching but focus mainly on the advanced and professional levels.

Both are educated at The National College of Ballet and Dance in Norway 1996 with a bachelor in jazz. They have further class and workshop studies in Los Angeles and New York. As members of the jazzdance company Oslo Danse Ensemble since 1997, they have worked with internationally renowned choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Alex Magno, Christopher Huggins, Chet Walker and Wes Veldink. They have also worked with or done work by contemporary/modern choreographers such as Jo Stromgren, Dans Design and Body Tech. In 2002 they joined The Ultimate Dance Company in their Gullmasken Awarded production ”Showstoppers” choreographed by Roine Söderlund and Hans Marklund. In addition they have appeared in many tv-shows, events, music videos and tv programs in both Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Between them they have also done ensemble and swing roles in the musicals West Side Story, A Chorus Line, and Sophies World in Norway and Fame in Basel Switzerland.


Karl-Erik Nedregaard and Knut Arild Flatner

Postboks 9291 Grønland 0134 Oslo Norway  Phone + 47 911 04 641 E-mail